Obtaining relevant Alternative Insights for your corporation

A Creative Data Science Firm

Tactical Field Operations

Data and Intelligence for Social Uptake

Campaign Hypergrowth

Turn all your constituents (employees, customers, etc) into an incredibly powerful sales organization with Algonaut's LeadSurge Platform. Its advanced lead generation and referral tracking capabilities allow you to quickly deploy gamified word-of-mouth campaigns with the right incentives for massive outreach.

Investment Fund Operations

Next Generation Portfolio Management

Investment Fund Operations

Managing a VC or PE fund can be a daunting task. Algonaut's Sofia Platform automates the data gathering from prospective deals and portfolio companies, assists in analyzing their metrics by means of big data and machine learning, and provides an unified channel to communicate with limited partners.

Tactical Field Operations

New Technologies Applied to Data Gathering

Tactical Field Operations

There are innumerable sources of alternative data, including satellite and drone images, that can be used to improve operations. At Algonaut we will help you capture, organize and process visual signals into insightful information that will help you manage operations in a more efficient and safe manner.

Strategic Decision Making

Single Dashboard for all your KPIs

Strategic Decision Making

With deep knowledge in automated signal collection, big data mining, machine learning and business intelligence, Algonaut provides the one-stop big data solution you need to make critical decisions whilst minimizing disruption and ensuring the highest levels of health and safety.

The Right Knowledge Leads to the Right Answers

Without Data It Is Just An Opinion

Our generic offering can be crafted to your specific needs

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